Credit Profile Authorization

As of: March 6th, 2024

You authorize and direct Invisible Platforms, Inc. (the “Company”) directly or through Method Financial (“Method”):

  • to obtain a consumer report and information about you from one or more consumer reporting agencies ("credit pull") and that the credit pull is a soft inquiry that will not impact your credit score and will only be visible to you;

You agree, acknowledge, and consent that in connection with such consumer report(s) that: 

  • Invisible and Method will use this information solely in connection with identifying and obtaining data on your liability/debt accounts such as account number, type, balance, interest rate, payoff information, late fees, payment history, etc. ("Account Data"), and such data is not intended to be used for a credit decision by either party; 

  • You authorize and direct Method to act on your behalf to access, obtain, and transmit the Account Data from your financial institutions, lenders, creditors, and service providers, or any of their third parties, and you consent to Method sharing the Account Data with the Company to assist in providing any services requested by you; and

  • Your authorization, direction, and consent remain effective for the duration of your business relationship with the Company, solely for the purpose of providing you with services or products that you may request from us from time to time.


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